Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I think this qualifies for the “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” award of 2009.

I think this qualifies for the 'Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina' award of 2009.

Last week while at the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis (where Peter Cooper and I were showcasing our snappy little duo act), Peter found out that he was headed to the Caribbean soon thereafter to be a part of the Cayamo “music cruise.”

I was instantly jealous.

But then I was instantly not so jealous, because he told me he thought I could be his cabin mate if I wanted.

I wanted.

Especially since the cruise embarked on Feb. 28, which was my birthday, and since Peter never knows what to get me for my birthday, I figured I was really doing him a favor.

And so it is, this second day of March, 2009, I find myself on the “Norwegian Dawn,” docked in Samana, Dominican Republic. As I say, don’t cry for me. Except maybe for my skinned knee, scraped on an underwater bit of driftwood as I took a dip in the fine, salty, wavy Caribbean this afternoon, after riding an ATV over some hills and dales to get to a spectacular beach.

Okay, you don’t have to cry.

As the song says, “I got lucky bones.”

So the cruise started in Miami.

Peter and I flew there from Nashville on Friday night, made our way to the hotel where many of the musical acts were gathering the night before Saturday’s boarding of the ship. In the lobby all kinds of folks were milling about, great artists, plus their various band members….

Let me just give you a rundown on some of the folks performing on this 7-day cruise: Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt, Indigo Girls, Webb Wilder, Joe Ely, Patty Griffin, Darrell Scott, Brandi Carlisle, the Greencards, Kathleen Edwards, a fellow from Barenaked Ladies, a fellow from Sister Hazel, Vienna Tang,Tift Merritt, Glen Phillips, Shawn Mullins, a fellow from Collective Soul, o man o man… I’m drawing blanks… there’s about 20 more artists on board. Oh ! I’m remembering some of the less well-known performers: Katie Herzog (great), Girlyman, ummmm

Well, you could look it up:


Anyway. I’ve never been on a cruise before. It’s un-be-lieve-able. Several very good restaurants serving food all the time. A 24-hour casino (Peter knows his way around a blackjack game, and with his help, I managed a $120 win the first night. We won’t talk about the second night…) Four performance halls. A movie theater. A library. Of course a big pool deck, lots of hot tubs…. I mean…. I could go on and on… but let’s just say it’s mind-blowing. There are a little more than 2,000 guests on board, I hear. And apparently 1,000+ employees. (Because of all the health issues on cruises the past few years, there are folks walking around with spray bottles of hand disinfectant ready to zap you.) I’m sort of dumbfounded by the whole thing, frankly.

I mean, I’d seen big cruise ships, like when Last Train Home came down to the Caribbean in 2005 and 2006 (I think that’s when it was…?? Oy my brain…). We weren’t on the ships then, but we always saw them docked at the places we were playing. My reaction then was to dismiss them. And you and I could certainly get into a discussion about the pluses and minuses of the cruise industry, but being on the inside of this thing gives me a new perspective.

I won’t lie: I like it.

I’m even hoping that Peter and I, or Last Train Home, or both, could get invited back as performers next year. It’s like an enormous music festival that happens to be on a big ship in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

So, no, in answer to the unasked question, Peter and I aren’t performing. Dang.

Peter is wearing his journalist hat and helping coordinate media interviews for some of the better-known artists (there are a few music journalists on board…)…

Cell service and internet service are pretty expensive, so mostly they both remain in “Off” mode. I’ve only seen one clock on board—seriously. It’s easy to just let it all go….

The first 48 hours since Miami have included shows by Lyle Lovett, Darrell Scott, Shawn Colvin, Kathleen Edwards, Indigo Girls w/ Brandi Carlisle, Webb Wilder, Katie Herzog, the Greencards…. And those were just the ones I saw… there were a dozen more I didn’t make it to. Insane.

And besides the music, there turns out to be lots of folks I know on board. It’s easy to just walk around and find someone you know and have a nice chat, then move along and find a nice lounge chair and worship the sun.

I think the Cayamo Cruise infomercial is over now.

I’m just checking in to say hi.

And thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings (man, that Facebook is quite a phenomenon, isn’t it??)

Peter and I get back on Sat. March 7, and that very night we head to Norm’s River Roadhouse, where we’ve got a gig playing with the great Phil Lee and the tremendous Tom Mason. If you’re in Nashville, come on out.

And if you happen to be in Johnson City on Friday March 13, PC and I play the Down Home that night…. And if you’re in the DC area, PC and I play Monday March 16 at the Institute for Musical Traditions concert series in Rockville. I’ll be sending out a note about that…

Okay, back to the shuffleboard court.

Hope to see you all soon….

-- eric

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